For Individuals

Consumer Loans

Consumer loans are provided to individuals who have at least 6 consecutive months of work experience. Consumer loans are intended for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of household appliances and furniture
  • Automobile and other vehicle purchase and repair
  • Apartment, house, summer house and other real estate repairs
  • Child care, education funding
  • Recreation and health care and treatment funding
  • Different events (birthdays, wedding ceremonies and others) funding
  • Other consumer purposes

Agricultural Loans

Company set flexible finance services for farmers with availability of seasonal repayments of principal amount.

For Legal Entities

Business Loans

Commercial loans are provided to entities and individual entrepreneurs, who have at least 3 consecutive months experience in entrepreneurial activities.


The organization provides different types of leasing:

  • Vehicle leasing
  • Agricultural equipment leasing
  • Industrial equipment leasing
  • Food processing equipment leasing
  • Other


Guarantee letters for individuals
and legal entities

Guarantees are granted to individuals, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities for participation in tenders, prepayments, contract works and other purposes.

Insurance for individuals
and legal entities

Valuing our clients’ time and safety, Agroleasing assumes the role of an insurance agent and offers following types of insurance: CMTPL, CASCO, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Property Insurance and Travel Insurance.

Updated: 02/09/2018