Guarantee letters

Guarantees are provided to individuals, individual entrepreneurs and entities for tenders, prepayments, contract works and other purposes.

General Terms of Guarantee letters

Guarantee amount Up to AMD 100 millions
(or equivalent foreign currency)
Guarantee term 1 – 36 months
Guarantee issuance application review fee AMD 15.000
Guarantee letter issuance* 1% of contract amount, minimum AMD 20,000
Guarantee service monthly fee 0.1%-0.3% of the remaining guarantee amount
Other charges Collateral appraisal, re-appraisal, notary registration, state registration and formulation, insurance and other related expenses.
Guarantee collateral Real estate, vehicles, equipment, revolving funds, guarantees and other acceptable collateral
The term of the guarantee application review Up to 3 working days
Issuance fee set by contract 1.5% of issuance amount
Penalties for overdue amount 0,1% of actual outstanding balance per day.
List of required documents According to order set by Company’s assets distribution commettee
Term of the guarantee issuance decision** Up to 3 working days

*The fees of foreign currency loans charged in AMD by the exchange rate issued by CBA on the day of contract signing
**In case the costumer submits the necessary documents on time

List of required documents


Updated: 12/01/2022