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Chanakh LLC

Location: Armenia, Kotayk Region, Zovq village. Business industry: Dairy Production

The organization has formed in form of cooperative in 1991. Since 1999 Chanakh company has entered the consumer market with a completely new solution with high-quality features. At present Chanakh Company is known for its wide range of high-quality dairy products and constant innovation approaches development. The partnership between Agroleasing and Chanakh LLC has begun since 2003. During these years, the company has received dozens of equipment and lines for dairy products via leasing services.

Avan Rose Consumer Cooperative

Location: Armenia, Aragatsotn Region, Avan district. Business industry: Milk collection and delivery

The collaboration between Agroleasing and Avan Rose Consumer Cooperative is one of the best examples of community co-operative development. Since the establishment of the cooperative, Agroleasing is the partner of the Avan Rose. During these years, Avan Rose has received from Agroleasing milking and milk quality control equipment via leasing services. At present 19 farmers are members of the cooperative.

From 2003-2006 Agroleasing has imported a large amount of milk storage capacities and provided to different representatives of the diverse communities through leasing services. As a result, dozens of dairy producers have been created and some of which are still functioning.

Individual Gardener

Location: Armenia, Aragatsotn Region. Business industry: Crop production, main direction- fruit trees orchard

Aragatsotn region is rich in vegetation and fruit orchards. Agroleasing has about a dozen successful cooperation with local gardeners. An individual gardener Vardan, who at the beginning had one hectare of the orchard, over years has expanded the land and nowadays is among the list of the largest gardeners in the region. Vardan and Agroleasing have a great partnership path along with technical and financial cooperation in the form of loans and leasing.

Agroleasing has organized a set of Cultivation Plant professional workshops in Aragatsotn region through which a number of gardeners have received technical support from the Agroleasing.

Individual Cargo Transportation Entrepreneur

Location: Armenia, Yerevan. Business industry: transportation directions: Russia, Artsakh

Agroleasing has started the cooperation with the Individual Cargo Transportation Entrepreneur from 2015 when the entrepreneur had only one own vehicle. During three years through the financial support from Agroleasing, the entrepreneur has enlarged the number of vehicles to six and currently has opened new transportation directions to Russia, Artsakh, and other countries.

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Areni Wine Factory LTD

Location: Armenia, Vayots Dzor. Areni village. Business industry: Wine production

Areni village of Vayots Dzor is famous for its finest wines. “Areni” wine with its unique aroma and delicate taste has its honorable place among the most esteemed Armenian wines. Areni grows more than two dozens of grape varieties, but the most valuable is the Areni variety of grapes. In practice from this type of grapes annually is produced more than 300 tons of the famous Areni wine that is sold not only in Armenia but also abroad. During the cooperation between Agroleasing and the Areni wine, the factory has received several wine-making types of equipment through leasing.

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A. Bilian LLC

Location: Armenia, Yerevan. Business industry: Meat production

The Billian meat production is considered one of the best meat products companies in Armenia. During its performance, the company has expanded its variety from several meat products to various types of meat production. Due to financial support from Agroleasing, the company has purchased diverse equipment for the meat production via leasing services.

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Golden Goat LTD

Location- Armenia, Vayots Dzor. Goghtanik village. Business industry: Goat and other types of cheese production

Golden Goat Company was founded in 2000. Nowadays the company is still active in the Goghtanik village, Vayots Dzor region. The company is the first and largest goat cheese producer in Armenia. The company cooperates on contract bases with local farmer’s involved in milk production. The consumer market of the Golden Goat is not only Armenia but also other abroad countries. During the partnership years with Agroleasing, the company has received milk storage tanks, high-quality cheese making equipment via leasing services.

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Borisovka LLC

Location: Armenia, Syuniq. Tsghuk village. Business industry: Cheese production

The company has established the first mozzarella cheese production in the Armenia. The cooperation between Agroleasing and the company has started since 2003 when Borisovka LLC has the lack of modern cheese processing equipment. Currently, Borisovka LLC is selling a wide range of cheese, both in Armenia and abroad.



Updated: 02/09/2018