Aging of wines and winemaking is a responsible technological process, resulting in the characteristic taste and aroma of each type of wine. Wines are red, pink and white. They are also semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry. This division is due to the percentage of sugar.

Winemaking is one of the most developed industries in many leading countries of the world. Armenia is considered to be the place where it is still in BC. In the 7-th century, vineyard and winemaking were widespread. The world’s oldest wine cellar, which is 6200 years old, has been discovered by archeologists in Vayots Dzor, within the cave of Areni.

At present, there are approximately 50 winemaking companies operating in Armenia, and vineyards occupy about 20,000 hectares of land.

Armenian wines are exported mainly to CIS countries (70%), US and EU countries.

Winemaking development financing starting at 12% annual interest rate.

Financing terms