• AGROLEASING LLC was founded and began functioning in 1999. In cooperation with U.S. Department of Agriculture Marketing Assistance Project the Company implemented Financial Lease Program in the Republic of Armenia.
  • On 26 August 2003 Agroleasing LLC was re-registered in the Central bank of RA as “Agroleasing Leasing Credit Company” LLC and received appropriate licence for leasing and credit activities.
Agroleasing LLC  is a poverty focused credit company with commercial microfinance model. It provides  loans for buying agricultural machinery, consumer leasing loans, business loans.
Main directions of Agroleasing are providing essential property to companies, individuals and private entrepreneurs involved  in  Agriculture, Food processing and other fields by financial lease and crediting.
Due to company’s support were financed food processing entrepreneurs, which now have leading  positions in Armenia; promoted creation about 3000 new workplaces.  Thanks to our mission directed to poverty reduction over 10000 vulnerable class population was ensured income security.


  • Promotion of small and medium business in the agriculture and food industry through crediting and financial leasing
  • Providing financial services to low-income families and small businesses
  • Increasing the availability of credit means fօr more vulnerable, low-income and economically active population, also improving the living standards of borrowers.


To develop fast, valuable and convenient service delivery business flows for low-income families in Armenia in order to contribute the increase of financial inclusion and improvement of living standards.



Agroleasing’s logo consists of tree and mechanisms. The tree symbolizes growth and development. The mechanisms symbolize the usage of new technologies. The green symbolize welfare, social equality and preservation of the environment.





Updated: 31/07/2020